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Get Certified in a Few Easy Steps
  • Step1

    Schedule Online Appointment

    Getting your appointment scheduled is quick & easy on our website.

  • Step2

    Fill Patient Intake Form

    Before your appointment you will need to fill out a medical history form through a computer or your phone.

  • Step3

    Online Doctor Consultation

    At your appointment our certified professional will review your medical condition and determine if this regimen would help you.

  • Step4

    Receive Your Marijuana Card Certificate

    Once approved you will receive your marijuana card certificate and can then visit your nearest licensed dispensary to begin treatment.

Sunshine Alternative Health provides consultative healthcare services to achieve optimal health and wellness using a holistic medicine approach. Consumers seeking to apply for a medical marijuana card certificate would be able to schedule an appointment for medical card evaluation and conduct that appointment via telehealth application. Each card applicant would have to watch a brief video on the process and then complete a medical intake form at least 24 hrs before the scheduled telehealth visit. Payments for the telehealth visit should be processed through the website.

Why Choose Sunshine Alternative Health
For Your Marijuana Certification
Why Choose Sunshine Alternative Health
  • Convenient & Affordable
    We follow a simple step by step qualification process and our prices are quite nominal.
  • Licensed Providers
    Our providers are certified to evaluate and process your application for treatment with marijuana.
  • Free Consultation for Any Unqualified Condition
    If you are not qualified for this treatment regimen you will not be charged for your appointment.
  • Secure Patient Information
    We are HIPPA compliant so your medical history and other details are secure.